The rave scene is in full swing in Denver with hot new DJs mixing sick tracks. Brand goes for the music and the energy and is eager to bring Kelly.


But the music is laced with magic that puts the living into comas from which they emerge as unearthly creatures, while it also calls forth the long-dead to dance to the tune composed by an ancient god.

Can Kelly stop the music or will she succumb to its deadly call?


You know, I swore I’d never write a book about zombies, or anything with a Lovecraftian feel.

Just ask Gary Jonas. He gave me the title Zombie Rising and I whined and said, “Do I have to?”

The answer was yes, you have to. (Apparently, there was already a book cover and an announcement.)

Okay, I thought. I’m a professional.  I can do this.  It’ll be fun.  As long as there’s no voodoo.

“Did you have anything in mind for the story?”

And Gary mentioned voodoo, and New Orleans.  Something dark.


But…why New Orleans?  What about Denver?  I mean, Denver is already dark and weird.  Have you heard the cowpunk music that comes out of here?  Slim Cessna, Munley, Sixteen Horsepower. It’s the sound of all the hidden bodies, and backroom deals, and murders over gold or water, and the tragic slaughter of native peoples that happened right here in Colorado.  NOLA?  We don’t need no stinkin’ NOLA.  We got the West.

So, how do you write about truly Western zombies?  Where would they come from, and why?  What story happens here that couldn’t happen anywhere else?

I dug deep, and used what I already knew and loved – Hopi and Navajo mythology.  And I twisted it, made it dark.  Because zombies are about the darkest things I can think of already.  They scare me like nothing else.  Oh, except madness.  That scares me more.  So I threw a good dose of that in there, too, Lovecraft-style.

I sent the story off to Gary.  He said, absolutely, yes.  He found the flaws with an unerring eye and we discussed how to fix them.  As always, he’s a joy to work with.  No one makes me laugh (or think) harder than Gary does.

And now you have a kick-ass book to read, should you so choose (and I hope you do).  I also hope you have as much fun reading it as I did writing it.

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