Marshal “Suicide” Jack Talon – gambler, gunslinger and vampire – finds himself on the run and short of blood in the middle of winter in the High Sierras. A preacher offers him the only salvation Jack would ever accept – a second chance at being human. All Jack has to do is find a woman of ill repute by the name of Nancy Dancehall, turn her into a vampire, and then hand her over to the sinister preacher.

Haunted by the memory of his first kill, Jack refuses. But fate and a pack of wolves bring Jack face-to-face with Nancy and the soiled doves she’s ‘recruited’ from San Francisco. The preacher’s found his own recruits – a campful of vengeful miners out for the blood Jack won in a faro game. But the biggest threat to Nancy and her girls might be Jack’s own growing hunger…

This Dance, These Bones is the third book in the Night Marshal series.

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