When Kelly’s favorite student disappears under mysterious circumstances, the magically engineered assassin is drawn into a conspiracy involving vampires, ghouls, and her former employer and creator, Dragon Gate Industries.



DGI is creating an army capable of destroying all that is human, inhuman, and subhuman, and at the time she needs them most, Kelly’s strength and healing abilities are fading. Her only allies are a monster with unsavory dietary habits, an old friend who works for the enemy, and a lover from a different past, a man she’s never met but knows intimately.

A man whose job is is to kill her….


Reader Feedback for Subhuman Resources


“What a refreshing series! I appreciate kick ass women and their kick ass witch sidekicks.”

– Anna Q. Crow

“This book humanized Kelly for the first time. It also took the concept of ghouls and made characters that I could embrace as sentient creatures not bottom feeders. Engrossing!”

– Eric Thornton


“Love me some Kelly Chan! Great story filled to the brim with action, adventure, and heart.”

– Carrie L. Sikes

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