I had the absolute pleasure of joining fellow author Gary Jonas on the third book in his Kelly Chan series — SUBHUMAN RESOURCES!  Kelly is a spin-off character from his successful urban fantasy series featuring Jonathan Shade.

Here’s the synopsis:


When Kelly’s favorite student disappears under mysterious circumstances, the magically engineered assassin is drawn into a conspiracy involving vampires, ghouls, and her former employer and creator, Dragon Gate Industries.


DGI is creating an army capable of destroying all that is human, inhuman, and subhuman, and at the time she needs them most, Kelly’s strength and healing abilities are fading. Her only allies are a monster with unsavory dietary habits, an old friend who works for the enemy, and a lover from a different past, a man she’s never met but knows intimately.

A man whose job is is to kill her….

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If you can’t get enough of Kelly, she’s also in all of the Jonathan Shade books.

Gary interviewed me for his newsletter, and I’d thought I’d share it here:

Hey everyone, it’s time for yet another edition of, There’s a new book in town.  Well, maybe not in town, but on the web and hoping it gets to go to your town.

SUBHUMAN RESOURCES is the third Kelly Chan novel, and it’s now available on Amazon.  You may notice from the cover that I pulled a James Patterson here and brought in a co-author, Rebecca Hodgkins.  Why would I do such a wonderful thing?  Because the most common comment I get from people aside from, “Hey, get out of the way!  You’re blocking traffic!” is, “You need to write faster.”

Oh, let’s put up the cover. 

Don’t worry.  Rebecca knows Kelly.  But just for fun, I conducted a quick eight question interview with my new co-author.

  1. Tell us about yourself.

I’ve lived in the Denver area for 23 years where I’ve worked in broadcast journalism, graphic design, copywriting and editing and lately as a public health nurse.  I’ve been at this fiction-writing thing for a while now, and I’m finally getting around to showing the rest of the world what I’ve been scribbling.

  1. What made you want to write a Kelly Chan novel?

Years ago, I heard through the grapevine about a guy who was writing this awesome character – a flapper-era ghost tied to her typewriter – and decided I had to meet him.  We met, hit it off, and I became the beta-reader/suggester of changes for the Jonathan Shade series.  We talked about a Kelly Chan spin-off, and eventually Gary asked if I was interested in doing a Kelly Chan book.  I’d already written a novella in the Night Marshal series, “This Dance, These Bones”, so I’d already proven myself.

What was the best part of writing the book?

I had a great deal of leeway with Subhuman Resources, as I’d had with Bones. The best part was creating the ghouls – or Kin as they prefer to be called – from whole cloth.  I wanted to reinvent a ‘monster’ that hasn’t been written to death, a species that has some depth and history to it.  I’m quite satisfied with the way they turned out.  I also had fun bringing in some characters from the Shade series besides Kelly.  I think people who’ve read Shade will be happy to see some familiar faces.

What was the worst part of writing the book?

Working with Gary Jonas.  Just kidding, of course!  Gary was great at fixing up some of my fight scenes, which were my biggest challenge.

After dealing with the clown who created the character, how likely are you to ever even speak to him again?

As often as I can!  Gary’s about as generous a writer as you can find, both with his time and advice.  He’s positive, and he’s one of the funniest people I know.

(I think I must have slipped her twenty bucks to say that)

In spite of the constant pestering by the aforementioned clown, what are the odds you’ll work with him on more Kelly Chan novels?

Odds are pretty damn good.  We make a great team.  We’ve got plans for more Kelly Chan stories (I’ve pitched three so far) and maybe a few other surprises.  Stay tuned.

Is there anything else you’d like to say?

I hope readers enjoy what I’ve brought to Kelly Chan in Subhuman Resources.  It was a fun challenge to keep her consistent with the Kelly we all know and love, and yet bring out some of her hidden qualities.  I felt a little like Frank Miller (one of my heroes) writing The Dark Knight Returns.

Last, but most important, what is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

What do you mean, African or European?

I don’t know that….Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!

I hope you like the new book.  I had fun tinkering with it here and there, punching up the action sequences, and adding some smart ass lines.

So there you have it!  And if you like the book, remember to leave a review on Amazon.  Thanks!

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