A fallen angel risks oblivion to save the life of the woman who spurned him. Once, after He’d had too much to drink, God misplaced His sketchbook. As usual, Metatron cleaned up the Old Guy’s snafu. He had to trade the Ten Commandments (twice) but God’s chief angel got the sketchbook back before anything too awful happened.

Something more embarrassing is missing now. Stolen, actually. A love letter written by God Himself. This is not Penemuel’s problem. He has his own troubles. After the angel proposed marriage to his charge, Sara dumped him. Something about the fact that her Guardian is actually a fallen angel and she’s afraid of going to Hell.

Catholic girls, what can you do? The stolen love letter turns into Penemuel’s problem when he becomes an unwilling accomplice in the theft. Metatron releases the Hounds of Heaven, two very-uncute Cherubim with a taste for ice and blood, to track the thief. Penemuel has the letter but Sara has the unwelcome visitors. She also has enough guts to fight and run. Penemuel barely escapes Famous Heaven and the amnestic laundromat of Purgatory in time to take her to the only place where they might stand a snowball’s chance – Hell.

But even Hell can’t stop the Hounds and Penemuel loses everything he loves. Now he will brave the void called Daath to bring back Sara, along with God’s forbidden old flame, Lucifer.

Reader Feedback for Flight Risk


“I just finished reading this, and I absolutely loved it! I couldn’t put it down. I don’t often find a book that hooks me in so thoroughly. Great descriptions, great characterization. Such imagination, and a lovely blending of humor and adventure, all wrapped up in a magical alternate universe! I really hope there are sequels in the works, because I wasn’t ready to leave this place and its people!”

– Lisa Whitman


“Wow. I think my brain just exploded from the sheer brilliance of this novel. It has definitely earned its place among the books-that-have-kept-me-up-til-the-wee-hours-of-the-morning. It is imaginative and witty and very thought-provoking. I learned a lot looking up the religious references I’d never heard before, but one doesn’t need religious background knowledge at all to enjoy the story. There is a fun blend of basic biblical context expanded upon by the author’s own ideas. Things are not always as they seem. I could go on and on about the strong female protagonist, the poetic imagery, the heartfelt romance, and even how much I love the idea that the Hounds wag their wings like tails. But I don’t want to give too much away 🙂 You’re just going to have to read it. I recommend it highly!!!”

– A Bookworm

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