Thanks for your interest and good on you for taking the first step! Let’s face it, sending your manuscript to an editor can be scary. No writer wants to send out their baby and get comments back like, “WTF?” or “I hate this character because I have different views” or the dreaded “???”

I don’t do that. I respect you. I respect the blood, sweat and tears you’ve shed to get to this point. And, I extend that respect to your story. My goal is not to cut you down to feed my ego. My goal is not to shove my voice into your story. My goal is to be as transparent as possible. To help your story shine through YOUR voice. To help you feel good about your accomplishment so that you turn around and write the next book. Because the world needs your stories. 


Here’s what I can do for you:

Proofreading: I can correct your typos and grammar errors so you can avoid the one-star, “Too many typos!” kiss of death review.
Line by line: I can make sure your sentences flow smoothly so that there is no barrier between your story and your readers, all while maintaining your voice, not mine.

Developmental: Your story lives in your head. It is yours to tell. It’s just that sometimes, bits of your story get left behind and don’t make it to the page. My job as your developmental editor is to make sure you get your entire story out of your head and into the minds and hearts of your readers, where it belongs. Sometimes everything is on the page, but needs some rearranging to help with flow and clarity. Let me help.

Let’s talk.

Simply fill out the brief form to the right, and I’ll be in touch to discuss what I can do for you.
Happy Writing!


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